Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Photography is the art and science of developing durable images by transferring light onto a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.  Annie Koehlinger is a high school senior with a strong passion for this art form. She enjoys photography because she believes it is one of the most fascinating ways to create memories that last forever. During a recent trip to Paris, France, Annie Koehlinger was able to put her creative efforts to good use by applying her photography skills to capture the history of this beautiful city. In Paris she also got the opportunity to visit upscale restaurants and discover how commercial photography can be used to market a business.

Commercial Photography
This type of photography is primarily for taking pictures used in advertisements, merchandising, and other product placement. Commercial photography can be seen on the front of café and restaurant menus, corporate brochures, leaflets, and wherever photographs enhance text. Annie Koehlinger realized while she was in Paris that professional photography could increase brand-name recognition by being displayed as elaborate wall art and in restaurant menus. She also learned the benefits of food photography.

Food Photographs
Food photographs should appear strategically in culinary sections of magazines to accurately promote a menu. Photographs can focus on the venue where the food is made or the food itself. All it takes for amateurs to master the art of food photography is basic knowledge of shot composition. Photographers should also be mindful to only take food photographs at the restaurant where the food is made, as this will keep the natural color of the fresh food. Proper lighting instruments should also be used.

As an aspiring restaurant owner, Annie Koehlinger realizes that she must continue using commercial photography and food photography to improve the success and marketability of her future business.

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